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Hyvinkää Music Institute

In general

The Hyvinkää Music Institute (established in 1957) offers basic music education for children and young people. It is maintained by a private support association and financed by the State and Hyvinkää town council.

The Music Institute is primarily intended for children and young people living in Hyvinkää, but some places are reserved for the nearby municipality of Hausjärvi. The Institute has in total around 700 students. New students are selected without entrance exams in registration order.


The Hyvinkää Music Institute offers an extensive curriculum and high quality professional music teaching.  The programs offered by the Institute include music playschool, basic and advanced studies.

The main goal is to provide a basis for a lifelong interest and enjoyment of music and to develop the musical skills of the student. The teaching aims to encourage and support the student’s understanding and appreciation of music by creating a long-lasting interest in making and experiencing music.

Programs offered

The Music Institute offers instruction in a wide range of instruments. We highly recommend that you consider carefully which instrument the student would like to learn to play, as the child’s own motivation and interest will greatly influence his or her learning experience at the Institute.

The Institute offers instruction in the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass, flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, baritone horn, guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, harp, accordion, percussion instruments and keyboard harmony.  Young people older than 15 years of age may also study solo singing.

Music playschool (muskari)

  • Children from 0 to 8 years of age
  • Groups open to all children and groups of nursery school children
  • Various open groups depending on the age of children: Baby groups (ages 0–1), Family groups (ages 1–2), Playgroups (ages 3–6), Instrument (kantele, ukulele and recorder) groups (age 6) and Music training groups (ages 7–8)
  • Music playschool education at two nursery schools in the Hyvinkää area. These nurseries are Punaoja and Hiidenkiuas. Children from 3 to 6 years of age.
  • Registrations will be accepted in order of application.

Basic level (perusopinnot) (ages 6–17)

  • Primarily for young people of school age
  • New students are selected in registration order
  • Length of studies 4–9 years, depending on at what age the child has commenced his/her studies
  • Basic courses in the chosen instrument, basic music theory, solfeggio and music history
  • Playing in various ensembles and orchestras
  • Students receive a certificate upon completion of their basic level studies

Institute level (syventävät opinnot) (ages 15–20)

  • Basic studies must be completed prior to commencing advanced studies
  • Length of studies may not exceed 4 years
  • Advanced courses in the chosen instrument, music theory, solfeggio, music history and analysis
  • Playing in various ensembles and orchestras
  • Students receive a certificate upon completion of their advanced studies

Open education

  • Instrument teaching (for both children and adults)
  • Various teachers depending on the chosen instrument
  • Entrance interview
  • 15 lessons per semester

How to apply for Early childhood music education (instrument lessons) and Music playschool (muskari)

New application round will begin on April 8th 2024 at 9 a.m. at > Hakeudu oppilaaksi. The students will be accepted in registration order. The acceptance letter will be sent on June 7th 2024 by email.

Early childhood music education. Music playschool (muskari)

Normally places are reserved for a year at a time (autumn through spring). Should your child withdraw from the course mid-term, please contact us by email. The email address is Muskari(at)

Music playschool co-operates with the nursery schools of Punaoja and Hiidenkiuas. Music groups are available for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

Choose a suitable group from the teaching schedule and make a registration. We will contact you as soon as a student place becomes available in the group you have chosen.

Tuition fees (in Finnish).